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  • The Cantina 105 South Duke Street York PA 17401 United States (map)

About this Artist:
"Born in Pennsylvania and living in various cities such as Allentown, Bethlehem, Lancaster, and now residing in York. I was always different I never really cared for sports and wasn't ever all about money. From a young age I was always drawn to music through damn near anything from videogames to tv show themes.
Growing up pretty rough I was always the kid with headphones or be the one to remember the lyrics to all the newest songs out and when I got to my teen years I was able to vent through music by writing songs which I learned at 15. I used writing to just get by from stressing out too much. I always have been about love and music that's what matters to me the most. But since finding love seemed damn near impossible I wanted to be at least happy with music so I decided to pursue music at 17.
Developing my skills over the years I decided to quit after a few years because I settled down and had a daughter. Had a regular job and was taking care of my family was all I cared about. Until things started changing my job became a dead end and my family life turned into chaos. Around the time of being single again I kept having crazy music dreams to pursue music or lose everything. My own dreams was threatening me which is crazy but having a daughter I can not afford to do that. So developing my skills again and still having crazy dreams about pursuing music even if I get a little bit lazy with it i'll have a dream to get back to working on music asap.
So if you believe that every dream you have no matter how weird means something then you can tell my purpose on earth is to pursue music and this time I won't stop and not only will I make it big through faith consistency and hard work I'm taking it further then that I'm aiming to be legendary and help save the world. Music these days is too watered down and demonic I can't get down with that almost everyone is brainwashed I'm a do what I can to change a smart mind can impact the world."

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